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Cape Town, South Africa

Hey, I’m Marlon Cotterell!
  • American Football,Soccer,Cricket,Football,BasketBall,Basketball,Athletics
  • Humble,Talented,Unique,Fun,Determine,Ambitious,Kind,Honest,Adventurous
  • Fashion,Technology,Products,Food,Travel
  • I've done over 40 TV Commercials, been in One reality TV show and i've also done a few music videos with me being the artiste or me being featured in someone else's video.
  • Male
  • 6'2cm
  • Other
  • Brown
  • Dark
  • 32cm
  • 38cm
  • 11 US
  • 40L
  • Athletic
  • English
  • Yes
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Produced By Triplane Films

Production Type Music Video

Role Actor

Completed in May

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