Cancellation Policies

  • Crew/talent cancel 24 hours before a job (R150)
  • Location cancels after booking and payment has been approved (150% of total fee deducted from card on file refunded, and 100% refunded to producer, charged to location host.
  • Producer cancels a confirmed booking 24 hours before first booking day of a WeCast user, 75% of total booking fee added to invoice.

Payment Policies

  • WeCast does not take responsibility for payments.
  • Users cannot hold WeCast accountable for delayed payments from production.
  • WeCast is a platform to connect with work. Payments are made between users and production  companies, and WECAST facilitate the meeting, correspondence tools, and payment facilities.
  • Production companies are liable to pay for location bookings 100% upfront upon booking.
  • Production companies are liable to settle invoices received through the WeCast platform, either directly from users, or from WeCast, within a maximum of 21 days after the job is confirmed.

Booking Policies

  • Once receiving and confirming booking, users bare the onus to stay up to date with job details are requirements.
  • When a WeCast location is booked, invoices are sent immediately for payment, and only upon payment being processed is the booking confirmed.
  • If producers fail to provide adequate information or you are unsure as to specific details, users need to directly message producers through WeCast.

Application Policies

  • Users may apply and submit their profiles to unlimited roles and jobs on the Job Wall, as long as:
  • The user meets the role requirements;
  • The user has intent to acquire the role applied for role;

Location Policies 

  • Producers are liable to ensure that any location used through WeCast is looked after, respected, and returned to its original condition before the production
  • If anything is broken or damaged, production is liable to reimburse or replace the broken/damaged item.
  • WeCast assume no liability for any damage or loss that may take place whilst a production team is on location.
  • Hosts of locations are liable to ensure photographs and information provided are up to date and accurate.
  • Hosts of locations are required to ensure the location  is in suitable condition for recces, as well as for booked days.
  • Hosts of locations are required to respect privacy of film sets, and privacy requests made by the production team.
  • Hosts of locations may be asked to leave the premises during shoot hours. This is industry norm.
  • If a host or producer acts unethically or unreasonably, immediately contact WeCast at [email protected] or via the in site help room.

On Set Policies

  • All WeCast members on set are required to;
  • Arrive 10 minutes prior to call time.
  • Check in and check out using the WeCast app
  • Act and dress in an appropriate manner
  • Arrive with all required clothing, gear or anything else stipulated by production.
  • Uphold and respect the WeCast brand and name.